Emerald Fields (feat. Jamie Brewster)

from by Vernian Process

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Vernian Process - Emerald Fields
Lyrics by ~ Joshua A. Pfeiffer, Martin Irigoyen & Jamie Brewster.

(Josh Vox)
Give us your tired
Bring us your poor
Your huddled masses
Yearning to be free

And we will suppress them
we will oppress them
we will divide them
silence is the key

demonize the seed
control the masses
dangerous they say
this reefer madness

(Jamie Brewster vox)

“(OG comin' out of retirement, and that don't just happen for anybody, yah dig?)

If you look at the statistics of incarcerated people, you will see that those of color fills the jail (it isn’t equal). We’re worth more to the system stuck in cages (it’s outrageous). Advantageous, lack of education (racist created). Since the beginning of the ages, we’ve been hated (incarcerated), for trying to feed our family, and now you want to legalize it? Tell me how you feel about it? I want you to think about it. Pause…

Free my folks from weed convictions (money is the new religion). They got tired of seeing all the cheddar being generated (aggravated). So they wrote some laws, so they could profit from it. (Stop it) If you think you’re gonna make a profit. Allocate for education, stop financial segregation, equity for all equations. Now you want to legalize it? Tell me how you feel about it? I want you to think about it… Pause…

They been locking us up for years, you see and now they wanna sell it. Hypocrisy 101, expose the truth I’m gonna tell it. Where’s the justice in the system? People of color are the victims. Lack of money equals guilt. Pay the lawyer, go free.

Twenty Five to life them say, throw away the key them say, three strikes you’re out, and now you’ll never see another day. Now you wanna legalize, what they lock us up for? Get up, stand up, we won’t take this no more.”

(Josh Vox)
Legalize the seed,
control the masses
profiting from greed
divide the classes.

(outro ensemble vox)
We are the tired
We are the weary
We are the masses
Yearning to Be Free…



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Vernian Process San Francisco, California

Drawing inspirations from legendary authors such as H.G. Wells, H.P. Lovecraft, and Jules Verne, they weave the spirit of science fiction and fantasy effortlessly into their music. Progressive rock, neoclassical, post-punk, tribal styles, carnival tunes, and more collide with anachronistic results. Established in 2003, they are globally recognized as the pioneers of the steampunk music movement. ... more

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